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SlendaSmoothie is a delicious way to replace one meal a day. Simply replace one to two meals a day with the SlendaSmoothie Smoothie, you may reach your weight loss goal that much sooner. Drink plenty of water through out the day.

Losing weight is a simple equation. Burn more calories then you take in. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by processed, fatty high calorie foods that make up our diet. SlendaSmoothie is here to support you and guide you to reach your weight loss goals.

The SlendaSmoothie diet is very simple. Replace one or two of your meals with a SlendaSmoothie smoothie. These low calorie smoothie's reduce your caloric intake, helps provide you with your daily nutritional needs and it best of all it keeps you from feeling hungry.

Why SlendaSmoothie?

The biggest obstacle to any diet or weight loss program is controlling hunger and food cravings. Losing weight revolves completely around the calories in calories out philosophy. If your body burns off more calories than it consumes than it will use its own fat storage to produce energy and you will lose weight. The fastest and easiest way to lose weight safely and naturally is to feel full and satisfied even though you're eating less. When you feel full, you will eat less and consume less calories and lose weight.

Here is why the SlendaSmoothie Diet Program is such a great fit for people:

SlendaSmoothie provides the variety that dieters are looking for. With two different delicious flavors, chocolate and vanilla, SlendaSmoothie customers can create a variety of smoothies to keep their diet from getting boring.
SlendaSmoothie reduces your daily caloric intake by substituting high calorie, fatty, processed meals, with a low calorie, delicious shake.
SlendaSmoothie keeps your belly full. The thick smoothie will keep you satiated so you aren't tempted to snack after your meal.
Accelerate your weight loss: Replace two meals a day with a SlendaSmoothie™ smoothie followed by an 8oz glass of water. Eat one reasonable, balanced meal and watch the pounds melt away.
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